The centenary of the League of Nations is on Friday 10th January 2020. In response, we are launching an international critical discussion to send a set of theoretical and practical concepts to the United Nations with the aim for creating an internation. An internation is an agreement between different localities working together in order to invent and to experiment with a new macro-economic model more likely to address the urgent challenges of the Anthropocene. We hope you will join us.


We need to find a way out from the Anthropocene. The Internation collective is an international group of researchers, academics, artists and citizens. Founded on the initiative of the philosopher Bernard Stiegler (IRI, Ars Industrialis), this open-group aims to bring arguments in response to António Guterres calls on climate change. These arguments will provide a theoretical and practical set of concepts for the political agenda, dealing with the epistemological and epistemic issues raised in the Anthropocene and post-truth era, and it will be handed over to the UN historic headquarters in Geneva, in January 2020. We think that the only way out from the Anthropocene to develop a new macro-economic program at the international level. If you want to read and/or contribute to this work, here you can read our work-in-progress chapters. The ongoing Arguments on transition is a work in progress that gravitates around nine open-groups. We look forward to meet and attract the interest of other possible contributors to enrich this project.



Would you like to contribute? Please write us at